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13mm Lever Belt


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• Featuring a patent-pending buckle, with a gliding lever action and the adjustability of a prong belt.
• Designed with powerlifters and strongmen in mind.
• English hide prepared for over five months for strength and longevity.
• Black oiled leather finish with a red suede interior.
• USAPL and IPF approved and USPA compliant with the maximum 13mm thickness and 10cm in width.
• Manufactured exclusively in Great Britain.

We recommend that first time users wear the belt with a dark t-shirt to begin with. Sweat can cause the red interior suede to become wet, which may result in some color transfer initially (much the same as if you were to wash a new red t-shirt with a white t-shirt).

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Weight 5 lbs

8 reviews for 13mm Lever Belt

  1. Ahmed Abdalla

    very satisfied with this belt ,excellent quality , gives so much stability and not very stiff .

  2. Migs Kalaw

    Just got mine today..did squats right and walking out 315 felt so secure and tight and posture felt solid before I even started squatting

    First time putting this belt on you will already feel how solid it is on your mid section..

    This belt is constructed so good that I’m scared it might end up being a crutch for me or something I need and depend on for every single compound movement..

    Love this belt..good investment

  3. Michael Pierson (verified owner)

    Have other high quality 13mm that are comfortable and were broke in by the end of the workout, this felt broke in on the first heavy set. Amazing belt that is on another level. LOVE the latching system being able to go from ‘slack’ to ‘just right’ to ‘I’ve gone to far’ in seconds. Worth every penny.

  4. George (verified owner)

    i am very satisfied with this SBD belt, im glad i invested in this belt instead, i was using a lever belt but another brand thats 13mm, but it was digging into my ribs, and hips, this belt is very comfortable right out of the box, its a bit stiff since its new, but i used it today and when im half way thru my workout, the belt started to feel like its softening up a bit. highly recommend SBD belt if you are serious about your lifts.

    if i knew about SBD belt few months ago, i would have purchased SBD belt as my first weight lifting belt, but instead wasted money on cheaper belts thinking they should work the same, but nope, i was wrong, cheaper doesn’t always mean its a good thing lol.

  5. Robert Caldas (verified owner)

    I love my SBD belt definitely worth the extra money, I had a pioneer prong belt before this, but it’s like comparing a Toyota Camry to a Ferrari, everyone knows when you bring this belt in the gym you mean business, the lever action is so smooth compared to a prong belt and it let’s your ribs breathe before your next set, we’ve all been there when you tightened your prong belt to tight, and you get a panic attack trying to get it off, not anymore,I’m never going back!! Get this belt!!!

  6. av106626

    Great belt

  7. Arjun (verified owner)

    Great belt. Definitely recommends this to all. The only down side is price but if you want a sturdy belt, here you go! I got my belt two days after placing the order. Great product!

  8. Alex Ramos (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, not only is the sexiest belt out there, it’s also the best at supporting you, I’ve tried several powerlifting before but this definitely takes the win! 100% worth your money.

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