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Kimberly Walford is considered by most the greatest female powerlifter of all-time. Winning the 2016 IPF World Championships for the 4th year and owning the World Record Total in the 72kg class and Deadlift World Records at 63kg and 72kg. Kimberly grew up competing in a variety of sports in the New York City Metro area but was first introduced to powerlifting in the military. Kimberly states, “When I first started powerlifting I would read Powerlifting magazine USA. Additionally, my Coach Gene Bell (multi time IPF World open and master’s champion/record holder) and fellow powerlifter/strongwoman Jill Mills and powerlifter Kara (Bohigian) Smith were big influences when I began the sport. Over the years of my career, my support system/influence circle has grown and have pulled inspiration and motivation from a variety of people including family, friends, powerlifters, and other athletes.”