What makes SBD knee sleeves special?

Our knee sleeves are a premium product. Crafted by SBD in Great Britain, a great deal of care goes into the manufacturing and quality control process, to ensure that every customer receives a high-end product.

Years of research and development went into producing our original sleeves, and we’re continuing to work on improvements to this market-leading design.

And at events across the country, SBD USA fits hundreds of athletes for knee sleeves each year, and we receive feedback from hundreds more. And of course, our staff use our sleeves in training and competition too. Here are some of the reasons people tell us they love this product.

The Fit

SBD’s founder, then training at a small London powerlifting gym, was suffering from knee pain. The gym was poorly insulated, and cold winters made the pain worse.

Having looked at his options for a knee sleeve, he realized that there was no product on the market designed with a serious strength athlete in mind. Most knee sleeves were designed for therapeutic uses, and were not cut to fit a well developed, muscular leg. The SBD knee sleeve is tapered, making for a better fit, and helping lifters to warm up more effectively.

We don’t skimp on material either. Our sleeves are also made to the maximum dimensions permitted by major powerlifting federations, both in length and thickness. When people pick up a pair of our knee sleeves, we will regularly hear them say how solid and stiff they feel.

Often, we’ll hear that SBD sleeves are harder to get on than other brands. Some people dislike this, but to our minds, it is an advantage that separates us from the competition. A sleeve that slides on easily does not do a great job of tightly covering the knee joint across its entire surface area. The more area that is covered, the better the result.

The Pop

A sturdy pair of sleeves that fits well will undoubtedly make a difference during the lift itself. The support offered can enhance confidence, as well as reducing instability during the squat, so that less energy is wasted.

An SBD sleeve also provides a proprioceptive effect: As the wearer descends into the hole, the feeling of the material bunching at the back of the knee cues the lifter on whether they have gone below parallel, meaning that lifters can more consistently squat to the desired depth.

Many competitors will choose to have a smaller second set of sleeves for competition, to try and amplify these effects, aiming to get an extra “pop” at the bottom of the squat.

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The Durability

We have engineered a product to take everything a serious athlete can throw at it. Each squat repetition will stretch and relax a knee sleeve over time, which can cause tears and rips in cheaper products.

Here, our patented spiral stitching is key, as the forces exerted during flexion of the knee are less able to separate the neoprene than in some traditional designs.

Many of our athletes are able to train in a single pair of SBDs for years. That often makes us a great choice for a price conscious lifter, who wants to make sure they only need to buy their equipment once, rather than regularly replacing it due to wear and tear.

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