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SBD USA will be at all your favorite strength and fitness shows in 2018.

Stop by our booths to meet up with legendary athletes like Ray Williams and Bill Kazmaier. There will also be plenty of opportunities to try on the latest SBD gear in person.

Fitness Expos
April 7 Ronnie Coleman Classic / Fort Worth, TX
April 14-15 Orlando Europa / Orlando, FL
June 16-17 Dallas Europa / Dallas, TX
June 30 Branch Warren Classic / Houston, TX

Powerlifting Meets
March 22-25 USAPL High School Nationals / Appleton, WI
April 14-15 USAPL California State Championship / Rancho Cucamonga, CA
April 19-22 USAPL Collegiate Nationals / College Station, TX
May 18-20 USAPL Open National Championship / Spokane, WA
Oct 11-14 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals / Spokane, WA